Training Courses
High impact, engaging training opportunities for social work professionals, carers and students.
One-to-one mentoring and advocate services to help young people realise their potential and achieve their goals.
Effective support for agencies and organisations to help improve service delivery.
Guest Speaking
Motivational and inspirational speaking for groups, conferences and events.

"Really enjoyed and would like to go to more of Karylle’s training sessions."

Foster carer

"Karylle Phillips was fantastic - I hope she comes again!"

Foster carer

"Brilliantly presented course – thank you for making it fun."

Foster carer

"Thoroughly enjoyable due to the trainer/social worker. Very interactive, easy going and relevant."

Foster carer

"I’ve had the privilege of working with Karylle at the University of Birmingham, where she devised a unique and positive learning experience for students. She’s inspirational, supportive and committed to advocating for children and young people in care. I hope to work with her again in the future."

Helen McNamara

Service Manager, Herefordshire Council

"Karylle has vast and varied experiences both as a client, an active member of the children’s rights service and as a social worker. This means she has a good understanding of the challenges facing children and young people in care, and the professionals working with them. This places her in an invaluable position to deliver meaningful training to improve the ways professionals communicate, relate to and advocate on behalf of children and young people in care."

Karen Jones

"Thank you for inviting Karylle to share her story with us. It was great, I learnt a lot and it really helped me to think about how to approach my own cases, especially with a child in care case I am currently dealing with.”"

Post qualified Teaching

Social Worker

"I really enjoyed today's lecture on 'looked after children' - Karylle was fantastic and I think it was great that she took the time to come and talk to us. I personally found it invaluable having not only a service user, but also a social worker, give a contemporary view on children's rights."

Social Policy and Welfare student

"Very interesting and insightful. It has started me thinking about things from a child’s perspective."

Student social worker on placement

"Good training – allows participants to reflect on the aspects of foster carer practice that can be addressed further."

Supervising social worker

"Really good – needs to be used with all our foster carers"

Supervising social worker

"Many thanks for the phone call last night. It really helped focus my mind on what I need out of this. Thank you ever so much. I will have a fab 21st birthday now that I have been given peace of mind from the list of things you have so kindly provided me."

Young person

"Karylle really made me question everything I thought I knew about LAC!  Great session, very child focused…Thank you!"

"I was inspired by Karylle’s address at a conference about LAC and subsequently asked her to deliver a session for the staff at my school. Her style is interactive and engaging and enabled staff to reflect upon the experiences of looked after children in school so that we can personalise support and make the school experience more positive for them.  I have already passed her details onto colleagues so that they too may access such high quality CPD"

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